2015 Ohio State Fair

Printer's Day at the Fair - 2015

July 29 - August 9, 2015

Ohio State FAirgrounds


 Ohio State Fair 2015  

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Printer's Day: Sunday, August 2nd

The 2015 Ohio State Fair begins on Wednesday, July 29th, and runs through Sunday, August 9th.  On the first Sunday, August 2nd, we'll celebrate Printer's Day at the Fair.

Each year through our large booth at the fair's MarketPlace, we are able to bring positive messages about the printing industry to over 800,000 people attending the fair!  It's a great opportunity for us to dispel myths and share the industry's positive impact, such as the green side of printing and how the industry respects and sustains the environment.

Printer's Day at the fair attracts over 500 printing professionals and their families to the fair for a day of fun and fellowship.  Printing industry professionals (member and non-member) are admitted for FREE and their family members pay just $2.00 each for fair admission.  They can visit the fair's attractions, stop by the Association booth and attend our special free picnic lunch in their honor. Contact your BDD or the office for tickets (888) 576-1971.

Many members are involved in Printer's Day at the Fair, volunteering their time and resources to populate and equip the booth and donating hundreds of thousands of dollars in printed materials provided to the fair.  Some of our members have even earned hefty paid projects from the fair as a result of their work.


Ohio State Fair Printing provided by

Association Members!

Admiral Products

Braden Sutphin Ink Company

Brothers Printing

Bush integrated

Cincinnati Insurance Company

Domtar Paper

Fine Line Graphics

Flottman Corporation, Inc.

Freeport Press

Graphic Village

Great Lakes Integrated

Hopkins Printing

Metzgers Printing + Mailing

Millcraft Paper Company

Old Trail Printing Company

Oliver Printing Company


Optimum Print Solutions

OSU UniPrint


Tech III / The Printing Plant

Think Patented

West-Camp Press


 July 2015 

2015 Ohio State Fair

July 29 - August 9, 2015

Ohio State Fairgrounds

2015 Printer's Day at the Ohio State Fair

August 2, 2015

Ohio State Fairgrounds

Finance Committee Meeting

August 12, 2015

88 Dorchester Square, Westerville, OH

Northern Council Meeting

August 13, 2015

Fisher & Phillips 9150 South Hills Blvd., Suite 300, Broadview Heights, OH 44147

Central Council Meeting

August 20, 2015

88 Dorchester Square, Westerville, OH

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