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Workers' Comp and Unemployment Updates

Important Deadlines:

  • May 21, 2019: if you are on a Monthly Installment Plan with the Ohio BWC to pay your Premiums, the next installment is due 5/21/19.
  • May 31, 2019: Application deadlines for 7/1/19 start date for the BWC’s Drug Free Safety Program (DFSP), Industry Specific Safety Program (ISSP), and Transitional Work Bonus Program (TWB). Apply online at
  • June 30, 2019: Deadline for 2018 Safety Council participation requirements (attend 10 meetings throughout the 2018 Policy Year).


OSHA Inspections; Prevention, Preparation and Minimizing Fines

When: Friday, June 7th, 1:00pm
Cost: $25.00

Join us for this webinar as John Valentine walks you through the stages of an OSHA inspection. Learn more about:

  • How to best prevent the occurrences of an inspection
  • Being prepared if a compliance officer arrives at your workplace
  • What to expect during an inspection
  • How to minimize the financial penalty if violations are found

This webinar qualifies for one hour of the BWC two-hour safety training requirement.

Spike in fraudulent unemployment claims

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) has noted an increase in the number of fraudulent unemployment claims over the past several weeks. These claims are being filed online using a social security number acquired in an unknown fashion. The actual employee to whom the SS# belongs is not even aware of the claim. According to the ODJFS integrity hotline - there have been several hundred cases in late March and April. Some cases are caught and flagged, within a day, if the perpetrator is not able to offer other identifying information to the ODJFS. Some cases are not caught until the employer notifies the state. If you believe that someone has filed a fraudulent claim using one of your employees’ (or client's employee) SS#, please contact the ODJFS Integrity Hotline at 1-800-686-1555. it would be a good idea to have the employee call the number as well. The investigator will make other suggestions to the employee such as calling the police and credit bureaus. Contact our unemployment manager, Kammy Staton to discuss the many ways we can assist you with unemployment issues. Kammy can be reached at 614-526-7165 or

Group Rating Program Reminder

The 2019 workers’ comp policy year will begin July 1st. For those employers who are not enrolled in the CareWorks Comp group rating program and are interested in a no cost / no obligation evaluation for the 2020 policy year please contact Cordell Walton, CareWorks Comp Program Manager, at

Review more May news from CareWorks, including:

  • Light duty jobs for injured workers.
  • BWC's mailing of estimated annual premiums.
  • What if OSHA shows up at my business.

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