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Aligning Your Wide Format Investment with Customer Demands

2018 May Council Mtgs Intro

Dusty Morrow, Eastern Region Dealer Sales Manager of Canon, will present the wide format topic at our upcoming regional council meetings.  Dusty has extensive experience in implementing wide format graphics equipment. 

About the presentation:

Aligning Your Wide Format Printing Investment with New Applications & Customer Demands

The ability to produce specialty applications presents tremendous growth opportunities for commercial printers. But in order to capitalize on these opportunities, it is imperative to have the right large format printing solutions and technologies in place to meet their customers' requirements quickly and economically.

Understanding the Different Large Format Printing Technologies 
Understanding the different printing technologies is the first step in selecting the equipment that is most appropriate for your business needs.

  • Aqueous Inkjet Printing
  • Solvent Inkjet Printing
  • UVGEL Inkjet Printing
  • Latex Inkjet Printing
  • UV-based Flatbed Printers
  • Solid Toner Technology 

Key Considerations When Selecting Large Format Technologies

Once you understand the different technologies, there are several key considerations when deciding which type is right for your business.

  • What are the Strengths?
  • What are the Limitations?
  • What are Key Applications?

No One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Even with an understanding of the trade-offs of each large-format printing technology, determining which one is the best investment for your business may still be a challenge. In many instances, there is no one "perfect fit," and you will need a combination of these technologies in order to print the widest variety of customer requested applications in-house.

We appreciate our sponsor for our May meetings:

Digital Print Solutions

Northern Region, Tuesday, May 15th

Konica Minolta (new name, same location as last year)

9150 South Hills Blvd
South Hills Conference Center
(on the Lower Level)
Cleveland, OH  44147

To register, CLICK HERE


Central Region, Wednesday, May 16th

CareWorks, Dublin

5555 Glendon Court, Room 3A
Dublin, OH 43016

To register, CLICK HERE.


Southern Region, Thursday, May 17th

Cornerstone, Cincinnati

2101 Florence Avenue
Cincinnati, OH  45206

To register, CLICK HERE.

All meetings will begin with registration at 11:00, continue with lunch at 11:30 and the presentation will begin at 12:00pm.  The price is $30 and the meeting is open to all, members and their guests.  Non-member price is $60.

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