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Who is Really Adopting Production Inkjet Printing?

New research explores the experiences, challenges and rewards that production inkjet press users have encountered.

Source: In-plant Graphics, March 8, 2018

It may not be new anymore, but production inkjet printing is still the talk of the industry. In the in-plant world, interest is on the rise, with several inkjet press installations scheduled for this year. 

Still, many printers have questions about the technology. Who owns an inkjet press? Why did these organizations decide to take a chance with this technology? What was their deployment experience? How did it impact their businesses? 

To address these questions, SGIA commissioned NAPCO Research to develop a research study to explore the production inkjet market. In the summer of 2017, more than 700 commercial, direct mail, in-plant, publication and transaction printers were contacted by NAPCO Research via online surveys and phone interviews to identify their first-hand experiences, challenges and rewards regarding production inkjet printing technologies; why they have adopted continuous-feed and cut-sheet production inkjet printing technology; and for those that have not, why not. 

Production Inkjet Printing Adoption

About half of the printers surveyed say they own one or more production inkjet printing presses. Printers that own production inkjet printing equipment have been running their device(s) for years. About 80% of printers with inkjet printing equipment have owned it for a year or more, and more than 50% have owned it for more than three years, emphasizing how production inkjet printing has rapidly become an established industry technology. 

Overall, printers in all segments are very happy with their investments with 86% being “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” with their move into this market. In addition to this high level of overall satisfaction, direct mail, in-plant and publication respondents reported no dissatisfaction at all. Commercial and transaction were the only segments reporting any level of dissatisfaction at 3% and 4%, respectively.

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