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Dynamic Ratios Survey Extended to September 15th!

Dynamic Ratios Calculator

The quick assessment tool was developed and shared by our sister PIA Affiliate, Great Lakes Graphic Association.

2017 Dynamic Ratios Survey Deadline Extended

The deadline to complete the 2017 Dynamic Ratios survey has been extended until Friday, September 15! The Dynamic Ratios compiles financial information from hundreds of printing and related firms from across the country.

This year, participants in the Dynamic Ratios survey will receive access to a 24/7 secure online dashboard that allows you to compare your business to industry averages and profit leaders. Check out the new Instant Graphics to see where your company compares to both your peer group and to industry financial and operating averages.

How will the Dynamic Ratios help your business? You can answer these key questions:
• Are my expenses too high in relation to sales?
• Do I have too much or too little inventory?
• How can we increase profits?
• Should we increase our selling prices?

You can take the full Dynamic Ratios survey or complete the new, shorter survey – we need just 32 line items to include your business in the report.

As always, all participants will receive a copy of the completed 2017 Dynamic Ratios report. 

Participate in the survey by clicking here.

Deadline: Extended to September 15, 2017!

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