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KOREnergy has announced the Demand Response test

date and time have been set for the following:

Wednesday, September 13th between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM

Plan now to reduce your energy load to make sure you are compliant with the testing requirements.  

KOREnergy – Demand Response 

Throughout the history of the program, Association member DR participants have received over $2 million in incentive payments. This past year, over forty Association members participated in the program, netting nearly $180,000. While past DR payment rates have been advantageous, future payments will increase by 66% next year.  Furthermore in two years, members will be receiving payments double what they are currently receiving; increasing total member payouts from $180,000 to over $350,000. 

Despite member success in the program, some companies are still only receiving a fraction of what they could be. Over the last four years members have left over $200,000 in premium payments on the table. Despite the two-week advanced notice, these missed opportunities are all a result of not participating in the planned tests, or not participating at the agreed-upon level. A number of member companies have lost $10,000 or more for not participating. 

Association President, Jim Cunningham believes the lack of participation in the one-hour test is typically a lack of internal communications. In the last few months, we have spoken with 2-3 member companies who have been enrolled in DR for 5-6 years. Over time with changes in staff and operations, these companies have not maintained an understanding of the program and what it means to participate. When KOREnergy has demonstrated the lost revenue, these member companies were surprised and anxious to get back to full participation.  

Long time DR participant and Association Board member Jim Basch estimates, “The money we receive from the DR program is the equivalent to the profit from a $100,000 print job, something we or most printers don’t see every day. When a test is determined we are fully aware and prepared, so participating for only an hour is a no brainer!” Despite the premiums Basch is capable of receiving he mentioned, “The bottom line is, I decide when we can and cannot participate. If we have an important job or deadline, we may only be able to partially participate but in general we can and do!” 

Members in DR and even those not currently enrolled (but who qualify), have an opportunity to generally receive premiums more than their association dues and not participating is a significant loss. KOREnergy has created spreadsheets for all participating members, that show test results from the last 3-4 years and the possible incentive payments that could have been received vs. what members did receive. In addition, the spreadsheet will provide what a member company can earn in 2017 and in the years to come. For this information, call Jim Cunningham, Association President or KOREnergy directly.

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